Polium One

The Next-Gen Console for Web3 Gaming

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It’s a Multi-chain Console

Play games that are built on:

Clean Dashboard

A clean dashboard for playing games quickly.

Console features

Multi-chain wallet for trading, swapping and bridging.

Download games, metaverses and apps.

Buy & Trade NFTs and In-Game Items.

Check leaderboards, transactions and game activity.

Stay connected with your friends with messaging and voice chat.

It’s a Multilingual console

The console will run games that are built with:

Polium One Controller

A controller that is built for Web3 Gaming

Controller features

Fingerprint Scanner

Wallet button to quickly access your wallet while in a game.

Haptic Feedback

Headphone jack to voice chat.

Sensitive touchpad.


Roadmap for 2022-2024






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Polium One


PFP Airdrop




Polium Wallet (Chrome)


What is the release date for the Polium One?

  • 2024 (Holders)
  • 2025 (Public)

What games will be available during the launch?

We are currently in talks with multiple game developers. We will list the games on Discord in the launch-library channel.

List of networks that will be compatible with the console?

Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB, ImmutableX, Harmony, EOS, and WAX.

Unavailable Countries

We are not able to ship the console to the following countries:

  • - Belarus
  • - Democratic People's Republic of Korea
  • - Crimea / Sevastopol
  • - Egypt
  • - Iran (Islamic Republic of)
  • - Iraq
  • - Morocco
  • - Pakistan
  • - Philippines
  • - Russia

Will the console have a warranty?

Yes, we will provide warranty information in 2023.

Will the console be safe to use?

Yes, when a user powers on or makes a transaction on the console, they will be required to use the Fingerprint Scanner.
When you first set up your console, the software will perform safety checks to make sure the console is genuine and safe to use.

What will be the specs?

We will provide specs after the prototype is ready.

When will we have a functional prototype?

We are currently building the functional prototype. We will have a functional prototype in a few months.

Estimated Launch Date: 2024

We are building it. It will be worth the wait. It’s the future of gaming